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Les chefs-d'oeuvre incontournables du musée Condé


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Les chefs-d’œuvre du musée Condé

Petits portraits, grands personnages

Marie d’Orléans

Les parterres d’André Le Nôtre


Notice to enthusiasts! (french)

Chefs-d'oeuvre de Chantilly, la plus grande collection privée d’œuvres de Raphaël en France. Lecture by Mathieu Deldicque, Cultural Heritage Curator at the musée Condé during the Brafa Art Fair.

Presentation of the Estate, behind the scenes of the restorations, interviews ... All the educational videos


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The musée Condé website : http://www.musee-conde.fr/

With currently 11,321 records on the Joconde national base, the Condé museum is the first site in the Hauts-de-France region on the national base and ranks 7th out of the 480 participating museums in France. Consult the notices of the Condé museum


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Treasures of the Library and archives of the Condé museum

The Très riches heures du duc de Berry

Treasure of the Chantilly castle, the Très riches heures du duc de Berry are an exceptional manuscript by the richness of their iconography. As soon as they were acquired by the Duke of Aumale in 1856, they acquired world fame which gave them iconic value from the Middle Ages.

The virtual exhibitions of the Cabinet des Livres

  • Selections of rare prints, choice of precious bindings, stories of plots and attacks ... the Cabinet des livres keeps track of its exhibitions here
  • Find and browse online the Catherine de Coëtivy manuscripts exhibited during the fall of 2919 in the "augmented" catalog

The plans of the castle, its outbuildings and the gardens


Inside Chantilly Great Stables


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Des Racines et des Ailes. En Picardie, entre terre et mer 

D'Art d'art. Les Trois Grâces, de Raphaël

Les secrets du château de Chantilly (RMC Découvertes)


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The heritage of the city of Chantilly (french)

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