Support the Domaine de Chantilly

Whether in architecture, fine arts, the art of garden or equestrian dressage, Chantilly has always been a remarkable inspiration to nourish creations and tastes through the history. Your generosity allows us to carry on the legacy and to present outstanding exhibitions, preserve our collection and environmental heritage, restore our historical monuments and so much more.

More than just financial contribution, your support helps us to build a Domaine de Chantilly that is more generous, accessible and welcoming to all.


You are welcome to join us in supporting various exciting projects:

  • Temporary exhibitions
  • Scientific projects of the Condé Museum (conservation, restoration, research, etc.)
  • Renovation and development projects of the historical monuments and the gardens (architecture, sculptures, environmental preservation)
  • Educational projects rendering the Domaine more accessible and welcoming to all



Corporate support

Promote your corporation’s social commitment by contributing to the preservation of a world-class monument and its natural environment.

Tailored benefits are offered to our corporate sponsors to ensure they suit your company’s priorities.

  • Recognition on communication materials of the project you support on site, online, and in print
  • Opportunities of organizing your private events in more than twenty exceptional venues, providing memorable experiences to your clients like nowhere else in the world.
  • Meeting with our curators and private tours of the Domaine
  • Invitations to exhibition inaugurations and exceptional events
  • Admission passes for your clients and your employees 
  • Naming opportunities
  • Tax deductions in France, Europe and the USA

Join our Corporate friends!

Today, we are very proud to count twenty loyal corporate members who have been supporting different projects of the Domaine de Chantilly since its creation in 2010.  



Individual donors

You can support the Domaine de Chantilly as an individual donor or on behalf of your personal Foundation.

Numerous benefits are tailored for our individual donors to nourish an intimate connection between our supporters and the Domaine de Chantilly.


For gifts of 5 000 € or more to an ongoing project of your choice :

  • Unlimited access to the Domaine for one year
  • Invitation to exhibition inaugurations and events
  • Meeting with our curators and customized tours of the Domaine
  • Possibilities of tax deductions in France and in the United States

From a certain amount of gift, naming and recognition opportunities on a selection of communication materials are also available with certain projects.



Friends Society


Friends of the Condé Museum

The association “Friends of the Condé Museum, Château of Chantilly” is a volunteers’ association created April 30, 1971, and recognized of public utility by the decree of April 8, 1988. The association contributes to the restoration of unique works, enriches the collections, evaluates opportunities and participates in safeguarding the collections to preserve a heritage that we will be proud to pass on to future generations.

Joining the Friends of the Condé Museum will allow you to contribute to a beautiful and great cause, as well as show your commitment and your respect for the French art heritage. The Condé Museum collection fund, paintings, drawings, prints and photographs, needs regular restorations.


As a member of the association, we will provide you with many exclusive benefits:

  • Permanent free entry to the museum and the park
  • Invitation to openings of temporary exhibits
  • Free subscription to the Condé Museum bulletin
  • Access to diversified and quality conferences
  • Participation in excursions
  • Cultural trip of several days each year



Phone: + (33) 3 44 62 62 82



Friends of the Domaine de Chantilly

Friends of the Domaine de Chantilly (FODC) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization created in 2015 with the mission to build awareness and raise philanthropic support for the Domaine de Chantilly. It promotes a wider knowledge of Chantilly and engages an international community of benefactors who are committed to preserving this remarkable historic site and world-class art collection, who have a deep appreciation for its beautiful gardens, and who wish to help ensure Chantilly’s standing as a leading equestrian center.

FODC offers opportunities to discover or re-discover Chantilly, to exchange with preeminent specialists, and to participate in the preservation of an outstanding historic site and museum. Please contact us to get involved or to receive more information on:

  • Joining our membership program 

  • Making gifts in support of priority projects 

  • Attending prestigious fundraising events 



Tel.: +1 (646) 218-9868


American Friends of Chantilly

Created in 2003, The American Friends of Chantilly Foundation gives its support to the Domain of Chantilly.

The American Friends of Chantilly Foundation is a philanthropic organization registered in the United States, with three missions:

  • To help finance the restoration of artistic and heritage projects
  • To promote Chantilly as a preferred destination for American and English-speaking audiences in the United States and in Europe
  • To create some exchanges and educational and research programs between American universities and the domain



Phone: 001 (615) 383 7473
Phone (France): 06 14 67 04 49