Equestrian show

Sophie Bienaimé and the riders of the Equestrian Compagny have decided to celebrate this birthday through an exceptional equestrian show that will tell you their story.

A masterpiece of 18th century architecture, the Great Stables were built by the architect Jean Aubert for Louis-Henri de Bourbon, the 7th prince of Condé. They are a veritable horses' palace!

For about one hour and through fifteen acts, relive the history of the Great Stables, step by step. Horses, donkeys and ponies will bring 300 years of history back to life and show their know-how: Haute École,  liberty work, prancing, bowing...

The riders of the Equestrian Compagny, the acrobat Clement Ferron and the composer and musician Jean-Lou Descamps, will take you on a journey that will help you know and understand the Great Stables.


Tickets and rates

Ticket for the show (great stables + show): Full rate: 22€ / Reduced: 17€

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Domain + Show (château, gardens, great stables + show): Full rate: 30€ / Reduced rate: 24€

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